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    To give an accurate quote to build a fence it is more often necessary to visit the site where the fence is to be constructed. This is normally the case when you have an old fence that needs removed and then a new fence to replace it. Other times where the fence is to be constructed around a new property and Fence Right is familiar with that area and property then a visit is unnecessary.


    Fence Right will normally provide a contract price for the work to be carried out which will be a total excluding GST. To get your total price including GST you will need to multiply the exclusive amount by 1.15. Most quotes will normally be a contract price which will include all the costs (labour, materials and insurance) necessary to complete the service quoted. If the quote is not a contract price then the quote will detail otherwise. Also, sometimes a quote will give you a per linear metre price and sometimes it we will give you a total price for the whole job. If you are given a per linear metre price then you need to multiply the total metres to be fenced by this price. It is necessary sometimes to give per linear metre quote when the total metres is unknown or difficult to measure.


    Fence Right often uses machinery to dig it's holes for the posts. There is a risk when digging these holes of damaging any underground services. It is your responsibility to locate all underground services that may cross the fence line or come near there-of prior to the work being carried out and communicating these locations to Fence Right. All new builds now are required to detail the location of all underground services on a property. Most older properties will not have this detail but check your property file details from your local council for this information. If the underground services are too difficult to locate then sometimes it is necessary to use Fence Right's experience in trying to locate these. Failing this, Fence Right will do a very careful pot-hole dig to reduce the risk of any underground service damage.


    Fence Right is happy to come out and give a free quote. They will try to get out to visit your property within a few days of making contact and then sending the respective quote within a week of the original contact.


    Here are some handy tips that you can do that might help them price your job. Consider what style you would like (check the gallery for ideas) and at what height (2.0 mtrs high is the maximum height allowed in Christchurch without applying for a permit/consent). Measure the total length of the fence or provide boundary plans. Discuss your intentions/sharing of costs with your neighbours. Consider which side of the fence you will see versus which side your neighbour will see. Consider what obstacles near the fence line may need to be removed to allow the fence to be constructed. Locate any underground services that run near or on the fence line.